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Professional Foundation Contractors in Sylmar CA

Building a strong base for your home is key to keeping it safe and sound, and KO General Construction understands that. We’re the most professional foundation contractors in Sylmar CA, and our local experts have helped more than 500 people get their perfect homes with our foundation work.

Our customers are really happy with what we do, and 90% of them ask us to do more projects or tell their friends about us. We’ve finished more than 900 jobs, fixing and making new foundations. Our team can talk to you in English and Spanish so everyone’s on the same page. We also give you a free quote to ensure our work is done right.

Choosing someone who isn’t a pro for foundation tasks can be expensive. A bad foundation can make your house lean, crack, or fall apart. Don’t gamble with your home’s base. Go with KO General Construction for a reliable fix or build. We modify our foundation services to your needs and budget, ensuring your foundation is solid.

Foundation Construction workers pouring concrete on a slab.

How We Build Foundations

Our foundation contractors uses new methods and materials to fix foundations correctly. First, we check out your land to pick the best foundation for your house. We look at the soil, how wet it is, and if there are earthquakes in Sylmar to ensure your foundation can handle them. We use the latest gear to ensure our work is spot-on and lasts long.

We often fix cracks, water damage, and moving soil. We choose top-notch materials for repairs to avoid more problems later. Our methods include lifting slabs back into place, driving piles for support, and waterproofing to keep out moisture. We’re always learning new industry tricks to ensure our methods work well.

Next, we ensure everything is sealed and insulated well so your foundation holds up your home and helps keep it warm or cool. Our mix of old-school skills and new tech means your foundation will last against time and the elements.

Picking the right crew for your foundation is key. We remove the worry of choosing someone without the right skills by offering reliable, top-quality service. You can trust us to prepare your home for the future.

Our Work

Why Pick Us for Your Foundation Work

We Care About the Planet
  1. Our foundation contractors focus on building in ways that don’t hurt the environment, using materials that are good for the earth. We want to make buildings better without damaging nature.
Ready for Changes

Building plans can shift, and we’re ready to go with the flow. Our flexible approach means we can manage changes smoothly without big delays.

You're Special to Us

We know every client is different and treat you that way. You’ll have someone to talk to directly from the start until we’re done.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Sylmar, we often recommend deep or specially designed slab foundations to counter the area's soil conditions and seismic activity, ensuring durability and safety.

Several repair methods, such as slab jacking or piercing, do not require lifting the house. The method depends on the issue's nature and severity.

Signs include visible cracks on walls or floors, doors that won't close properly, and uneven floors. It's best to consult a professional if you notice these symptoms.