About Us

KO General Construction is your go-to contractor in Sylmar, CA, for all things construction. We’re a local team that loves helping our neighbors turn their houses into dream homes. We do everything from adding a room to fixing up your backyard to building a brand-new house from the ground up.

We believe in doing things right, which means using excellent materials, sticking to your budget, and finishing on time. There will never be surprises because we always give you a precise quote upfront. Our team also speaks Spanish to serve a larger portion of the community. Give us a call, and together, we can bring your home project to life.

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Ready to Upgrade Your Home

Start your next home-building project with confidence! KO General Construction offers free, personalized estimates for each client in Sylmar, CA, with passion and loyalty included.

Building Better: How We Make Construction Hassle-Free and High-Quality

Changing the game in the construction field, KO General Construction tackles common issues like delayed projects, going over budget, and low-quality materials head-on. We’re all about using the newest tech, like 3D imaging, for a sneak peek of your project before we start and top-notch software to keep everything running smoothly and on time.

We take our time to listen to what you need, plan carefully, keep you in the loop, and do the job right, making sure you’re more than happy with the outcome.

Our Work